Community Event To Check Out: Slice Out Hunger (New York, NY)

This is a pretty awesome event that has hit the and FuseBox Radio Broadcast e-mail box for our folks who are in the New York City Metro area...

Slice Out Hunger is having it's 6th annual fundraising event on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at St. Anthony's Church on 154 Sullivan St. (at Houston St.) starting at 6 pm.

They will be selling $1 slices of pizza (from what's estimated to be from over 1000 FULL pizza pies), $1 drinks and $1 desserts from a lot of the top pizzerias in the city such as Difara, Lombardi's, Keste, John's Pizzeria, Arturo's, Lucali, NY Pizza Suprema and more until all of the food runs out.  There will also be $1 raffle tickets for various prizes.

A portion of every dollar will be matched by various corporate sponsors such as Tumblr, Scott's Pizza Tours, Joseph Campagna and Sons, Ferrarelle, GreenBox and Brewla Bars with 100% of the night's proceeds will be going to Food Bank for New York City.

So if you're around that way, get your dinner on and assist with a great cause (especially with us entering into fall and winter where many people who need extra assistance - whether via living from check to check to maintain a household or maybe not having one at all - can use some extra food).

For more detailed information about Slice Out Hunger, their history, how to make direct donations in case you can't make it to the night's event and more, visit their website at!