Music Spotlight: House Music Grooves with Antony & Cleopatra and Justin Faust

Antony & Cleopatra

Justin Faust

Great House Music consists of more than just a steady "four on the floor" beat, some samples, random vocals and/or the popular production software of the day - it needs to have some SOUL and fun in the mix.

These latest releases from Vitalic Noise's London-based duo Anthony & Cleoptra and Nurvous Records' Justin Faust (cranking out tunes via Munich) have the catchy hooks, production, lively vocals that aren't autotuned to robotic numbness and pure fun that is sometimes missing in what sometimes feels like the cut-and-paste arena modern day dance music.

While their various tunes definitely show the influence of Disco, Electro and Pop music's pasts, none of these songs feel dated in any way and are ready set for everyone to fall into some enjoyable grooves.

Check these folks out at the links below:

Antony & Cleopatra

Justin Faust

Antony & Cleopatra - Sirens (available to purchase via iTunes with extra remixes)

Sammy Bananas - Money Time feat. Antony & Cleopatra (Radio Mix)

Lancelot ft. Antony & Cleopatra - Givin' It Up

Justin Faust - Disco Cuts EP (Vol. II) (available to purchase via Beatport)