Music: Some Valentine's Day Related Mixtapes & Such

Personally, I'm the type who could care less about Valentines Day besides the chocolate treats, my dear & the FuseBox Radio Broadcast folks, but I do always love quality Black Music (corny segue, but I'm tired and so it stays).

We've gotten some pretty fly Love/Valentine's Day related downloads, videos and mixtapes on the Hip-Hop and Soul Music ends of the Black Music Spectrum for folks to check out, so sit back, relax, burn a CD for your loved one/significant other/"friend" and enjoy!

Tony Williams Introduces "Everything About You" Music Video from Tony Williams on Vimeo.

First off, we have the single and video from Soul Music singer and songwriter Tony Williams from his upcoming GOOD Music release, King or The Fool called "Everything About You".

After having a listening session after an interview with Mr. Williams (coming to the FuseBox Radio Broadcast this month) of the release during Inaugaration Weekend (the album is INSANELY on point and better come out on time), I have no problem at all saying that this brother's talent is going to have him on someone's Top 10 list by the time this year is over.

Tony Williams - Everything About You mp3 Download

Tony Williams Official MySpace Page

Next up, we have the I Heart Mixtape by producer and remixer Diwon of Shemspeed Records.

Diwon's musical influences come directly from his family's roots in Yemen, Ethiopia, and Israel as well as his travels throughout the world while his family traveled with their Navy service.

This mix includes songs from all over the world focused on Love as well as his own productions, with artists in that vibe including Buju Banton, Blur, Smokey Robinson, The Concretes, Cat Power, Finley Quaye,Anounshka Shankar and more!

It's a pretty nice, eclectic mix of work - check it out and let us know what's good.

Diwon - I Heart Mixtape mp3 Download

Diwon Official MySpace Page
Diwon Official Website

Third on the roster, we have our people representing the independent Hip-Hop scene in Atlanta, MC/Producer/Businessman Señor Kaos talking about how much he's NOT feeling the entire notion at all of Valentine's Day with the song "Check Out Your Mind".

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Señor Kaos - Check Out Your Mind mp3 Download

If you haven't check some of his past work, you know we covered it here at, get some extra music.

Señor Kaos Official MySpace Page
Señor Kaos Official Blog, The Kaos Effect
Vintage Imperial Official Website

Now, we have the talk about love and hate from the free download of The Thinnest Line EP from the steadily climbing up independent Hip-Hop crew from Miami, ¡MAYDAY!

So far, it looks like they're going to be in line to be mainstream America's indie Hip-Hop Massive To Love of 2009 that folks are going to grab up, as though these cats are brand new but have been grinding for years (like ¡MAYDAY! - The Thinnest Line EP


1. Everything
2. A Good Night (Interlewd)
3. Evil
4. Habitual Line Stepper (feat. Snave Nayr)
5. Everything (Instrumental)
6. Evil (Instrumental)

¡MAYDAY! Official MySpace Website
¡MAYDAY! Official Website