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What's good this afternoon and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Peoples!

It's always nice to get some dope music here for the website and radio show...especially from the ladies doing it up big. :) I'm a bit late in posting up this mixtape project, but am glad to finally be able to get it in.

The group Jay Mills consists of vocalist & song writer (singer, poet & MC) Jamila and her band Sound of the City.

Based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, the crew has been in existence since the early 2000s, having performed at such locations as the historic Lincoln Theatre in DC and opening for artists throughout the years such as Kelis, Rah Digga, Algerbra Blessett and many more.

Besides being involved deeply in the music as an artis (selling over 5, 000 of her EP copies independently since 2005), Jamila's accomplishments are all over the place, from being a graduate of the Omega School of Recording Arts & Sciences, to working a professional Sound Engineer, being a classical dance & piano teacher and a businesswoman (as owner of the media company 80s Baby Productions with a collective of independent artists).

Grab up the free download of the Jay Mills: Winter Sadness Mixtape (mixed by DJ RBI) below as well as check out some live Jay Mills video and let folks know how you feel when you have the chance! Hope you like this great project as much as we did!

Jay Mills: Winter Sadness Mixtape (mixed by DJ RBI)
Download Link


1. Wintroduction
2. Winter Sadness
3. I'm Ready *
4. Nina Ross
5. Game
6. Fantasy
7. Sandman *
8. Best Friend
9. Anticipation *
10. Eye Contact
11. Random
12. Angel *
13. Reven
14. Can You
15. War *
16. Coke Rap
17. Ride or Die
18. Hate Me *

* personal favorite tracks

Bonus Music Video #1: Jay Mills - Daydream (Live)

Bonus Music Video #2: Jay Mills - One Two (Live)

Bonus Music Video #3: Jay Mills - Sandman (Live)

Jay Mills Official Website

Jay Mills Official MySpace Page
Jay Mills Official Twitter Page
Jay Mills Official ReverbNation Page
80s Baby Productions Official MySpace Page


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