Music: Wordspit - The Coolest BBoi Stance LP

Good Monday Morning and start of the week here from the and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Fam to y'all on the 'net and whatnot. :)

I've been meaning to post up this really cool independent Hip-Hop EP (and nice and FREE, can't beat that) for a good minute from East New York's own Wordspit to share with everyone and now finally have the time to get it in.

He's been making his power moves lately, being in everything from's Next 1000 Top Movers List to getting featured on and Bleu Magazine.

Wordspit has a nice lyrical style via his MC influences of Canibus, Jay-Z and Nas and luckily, doesn't have that aspect of beat tone deafness some of our lyrical Hip-Hop fellas and ladies can sometimes get which makes the albums sound more like ill shaped spoken word joints than music.

Cop the The Coolest BBoi Stance EP from Wordspit below as well as check out some of his music videos and let us know what you think! Hope you like it!

Wordspit - The Coolest BBoi Stance LP
Download Link


1. The Opening Curtains feat. Hi Jynx & J Face
2. Super Hero Theme - Chapter 1 feat. Cocoa Sarai *
3. Hello, Good Morning feat. Cocoa Sarai
4. Not A Joke This Year
5. Joystick Madness *
6. Super Hero Theme - Chapter 2
7. E N Y RapCity
8. R.I.P. feat. Cocoa Sarai
9. Riot Sounds
10. I Gotcha feat. @kyssie
11. Lights, Camera, Action Intro
12. LCA feat. Shaliek Rivers
13. Poets Hiku *
14. Sign on the Dotted Line *
15. New Life *
16. Chop Suey
17. Super Hero Theme - Final Chapter
18. Final Curtain feat. Hi Jynx & J Face *

* personal favorite tracks

Bonus Music Video #1: Wordspit - Joystick Madness (Official Music Video)

Bonus Music Video #2: Def Clone Cipher feat. WordSpit x Mickey Factz x Aj x Hi Jynx

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